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I will be teaching four workshops this year.  They are designed for artists at any level of experience and both allow you to work in the watermedia of your choice.  The first two are described below.
The first workshop is "Watermedia Textures" on 3 Saturdays in April at Central Art in Medford, OR.  A description of the class is below this section.  Click the button below for information and registration. 
The second is "Unloved Paintings?  Let's Recycle Them!" at Sitka Center for Art &. Ecology in Otis Oregon  August 31-Sept. 1.  Click the button below for information and registration.

Watermedia Textures


In this fun and exciting workshop, we will create textured, complex watermedia backgrounds and then work on turning them into harmonious, successfully finished paintings.  We will be working with two different texturing mediums (provided) along with some ordinary household items.  Use the watermedia of your choice (acrylic, watercolor, gouache or ink).  Texture makes your painting feel more dynamic, creates a sense of depth, and helps viewers emotionally connect with your work. 

This class is appropriate for anyone.  Beginners will have no trouble learning the processes the and more advanced students will be able to add new and interesting texturing techniques to their repertoire.

Below are examples of my paintings that use the techniques we will cover in this class.

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Unloved Paintings?  Let's Recycle Them!

Do you have a stack of paintings that are unwanted, unloved, unfinished, and you just can't figure out what to do next? Who doesn't? Bring them in and let's turn them into interesting new work. Through techniques like texturing, negative and positive painting, mark-making, and more, we'll rework, reinvent and revitalize your original creations. Embrace the beauty of the past as parts of the original paintings often peek through, adding intrigue and depth to the finished pieces. Walk away with 1-3 completed projects and several works in progress, giving your once-overlooked artworks a fresh and captivating revival.

This class is appropriate for anyone, though we are going to be reworking old paintings.  I have some you can use, but if you have 3 or 4 of your own to bring, that would be good.

Below are examples of my recycled paintings.  Can you see the remnants of the original painting?

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