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Watermedia Textures

In this fun and exciting workshop, we will create textured, complex watermedia backgrounds and then work on turning them into harmonious, successfully finished paintings.  We will be working with two different texturing mediums (provided) along with some ordinary household items.  Use the watermedia of your choice (acrylic, watercolor, gouache or ink).  Texture makes your painting feel more dynamic, creates a sense of depth, and helps viewers emotionally connect with your work.  Texture is sometimes visual (on the surface) and sometimes dimensional (raised above the surface).  We will work with both types in this workshop.

This class is appropriate for anyone.  Beginners will have no trouble learning the processes the and more advanced students will be able to add new and interesting texturing techniques to their repertoire.

Below are examples of my paintings that use the techniques we will cover in this class.

Contemporary Landscapes


In this fun and exciting workshop, we will be working on creating powerful and exciting landscape paintings.  We will focus on capturing the beauty of the natural world in a loose, flowing, expressive style, capitalizing on emergent imagery.  We will use bold color, interesting textures, and strong composition techniques.  Whatever your current level of experience with landscape painting (including “none), I will help you discover your own unique landscape painting “voice”.  

I will cover topics that will help you capture the beauty of the natural world through composition tips, how to create atmosphere and depth, and finding and using great color techniques.  I will demo some interesting ways to use readily available texturing materials to create interesting and compelling landscape elements like skies, mountains, trees and water.


You have your choice of working in any water-based medium:  acrylics, watercolors, inks or gouache. The class is appropriate for anyone – beginners to advanced.  Below are some of my paintings created with the techniques I will be teaching in this class.  

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