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Are you, like me, considering becoming an artist in your 50s or beyond? I had the opportunity to describe my journey in a 15 minute radio interview on our Southern Oregon JPR station. Click the button below to hear it. And I'd love to hear your story if you'd like to share it ... click the "Contact" tab to get in touch with me.

Lifelong artist returns to first love, in My Better Half

By The Jefferson Exchange Team Published January 5, 2023 at 11:16 AM PST

Pam Haunschild rose to the top of her profession, teaching organizational theory at the business schools at Stanford and Texas-Austin. It's a long way off from her original interest, art. Pam had an art scholarship in front of her when she was young, but opted for the other path.

Then she retired from teaching and moved to Oregon. Now she's creating art on a regular basis, finding the joy in returning to an old love. Pam is the focus of the latest chapter of My Better Half, an examination of late-in-life accomplishments with JPR's Vanessa Finney.

Vanessa visits with Pam about her art and her inspirations in nature.

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